Our Music

We play music, we have fun.  A two man band that plays everything from Elton John, to Little River Band. Glen Campbell to Slayer.  Alabama, to Ozzy…usually by request.  We don’t go by a set list, so yell out what you want to hear, then we will play something. Not sure what.

Be Social. All Drink.

Want to listen to some tunes?  Click on the Spotify logo below —  We painstakingly put together a list of some the songs you might hear at one of our shows!

Q: So Who Are These Guys?

The Ryan and Joe Trio consists of Ryan and Joe.  The rest is up to you.

Q: Do y’all ever play weddings or the birthday parties?

Yes. Yes we do. Email us, we’ll discuss.



Guitars, Quips

Quitting music school early on, Ryan has always struggled with chords and those scale thingies - but he somehow makes it somewhat work.



Piano, Snappy Patter

After earning his doctorate in Brain studies, Joe decided he wanted to play piano for a living. So far so good, and if you need any black market brain work done, give Joe a shout, early in the week works better.

They’re Not Too Bad.T. Johnson
They’re Better Than I thought They’d BeJ. Roman
Not Everyone can be rockstars…Some Guy

A good value.P. Beckman
2 1/2 Stars – “DECENT” –S. Winter - Generations Brewery
These guys are a great time – if there’s no cover.F. Feltcher


Would we be perfect for your bar, wedding, birthday or bar mitzvah? Give us a shout!

They are like a 'The Best Bands in The World, Tribute Band' - H. Hill
Laughs, Hi-Jinks & Shenanigans 89%
Beer and Alcohol Consumption 95%
Good Times 100%
Rock n Roll 93.5%
Classic Country 75.2%

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